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This site is intended to show the genealogy of the descendents of William Quiggin from Lonan in the Isle of Mann. It is also intended as a resource center and meeting point for anyone researching the Quiggin/Quaggin name.


Quiggin Records-

We are starting to collect Quiggin record data from around the world. at present we have an index to:

Births, Marriages and Deaths in the UK from 1837 to present.

Other Names in the Tree-

This tree currently also holds some information for the following families; MYLCHREEST from the IOM, HARRISON from Durham, GARDINER,GILCHRIST, STEWART, WALLER and STEVENS, mainly from Macclesfield, Wildboarclough and Sutton in Cheshire.There are at present just 37 names in the family tree, but more to be added soon. Click on any family name to see a list of all members in my tree.

1. QUIGGIN (16)
Carrie M Guiggin 2. MYLCHREEST (3)
5. STEWART (14)
6. WALLER (1)
7. ALLEN (1)


Most of the family tree data is from original sources such as census records, or  published family trees of other individuals. This is a recently developed genealogy, and there may be some errors. If you see any errors, or think you may be connected to this family, or have other information to share, please email: info@quiggin.org.uk


The Mystery of William Quiggin

Welcome to the Family Tree of the Descendents of William Quiggin born 1821 in Lonan in the Isle of Mann. William Quiggin was a shipbuilder who left the IOM probably in the 1840's and moved to Liverpool. There he settled with wife Esther and children, and many of his decendents remained there, some moving on to Bramhall, Stockport, in Cheshire and other parts of the UK. Quiggin is a fairly common surname from the Isle of Mann, but so far we have been unable to discover any real information about any Quiggin families from the Lonan area. If you can help us solve the mystery of William Quiggin's parentage, then please email us, we are grateful for any leads or suggestions, however small, it all helps!

My Family Tree

Surname Index - Family Surnames Index in my tree.

Name Index - Index of Individuals found in my tree.

Family Tree - Visual tree showing my direct line of descendency from William Quiggin 1820.

Biographies - Primary biographies of people in my family, coming soon.

Location Maps - Primary locations of my ancestors.

Privacy Notice -

For security and privacy reasons, we trynot to disclose personal information of individuals believed to be living in this site. For information concerning these individuals you are welcome to email us explaining your reasons and receive a guest pass to view this information. Please see our privacy notice.

Our Thanks -

Our thanks to the help and support of other researchers who have aided us in obtaining information for this site. Please find links to their websites here.

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