The Green Fairy

Emma - Keep  Believing in Fairies!!
Emma, you really are a tooth fairy - so keep believing in fairies!
Moer Coming Soon! Fairies for Madison
WildCat Fairy game
***New...Some of our new fairy friends, including Paloma and Lauren like "animal fairies" here is a special animal fairy game that we found, just for you!
 Some fairies for Destiny, and a special hello to
Madison and Marian, who like water fairies! 
And Ciara,
who likes fairies with powers like fire or water!


HI MM - yes - we are real - do you believe in fairies? We believe in you!

Today we also have a very special for Raven from  England, who believes in dark magic fairies ... deep inside, we think that you probably are part-fairy... and perhaps way back in time, some of your ancestors were fairies. Imagine this is true, and then you will find your fairy magic! And your sister will too! This message is also for leah wo wants to see fairies and be one!

****And a new message for Katie - you are a really such  a special girl - because you believe in us, even though you have never seen us! True fairies are here, and we send you all our very best wishes and magical thoughts! Perhaps you can make a little fairy door in your room or garden  for the real fairies to come and visit you.  Thank you so much for writing to us, because it always makes us so happy when children believe in us.

New messages from the fairies -  to Nadia from Minnesota, who likes water fairies, and feels that she has seen fairies - well, of course, you have! We may be invisible to many people, but special children like you can sense us ! And Cynthia from canada who likes nature fairies,  and wants to see us! Close your eyes and believe and you will! 
Also To Nicki , who likes animal and water fairies, welcome to the fairy world, we know that you have fairy magic and thank you for joining us.  Carlos, and especially,  Georgina from Italy (who hasn't seen fairies but just wants answers), A special message for CeeJaa, who likes moon and woodland  fairies, Jestina from New York, Mackenzie from England, and Maddie, who has seen fairies, but they wouldn't talk to her, so she doesn't believe: Fairies really do exist , and we send you all our magical wishes, you can look for us in your dreams, when we will visit you and whisper magic to you and sing old fairy songs that no one else knows, and so try to remember us when you wake up the next day! Thank you all so much for writing to us.
To the wonderful Bella, who likes purple-winged fairies, with bright blue eyes, we like you too so very much, you are very special to all the fairies, because you can see us!

To Jasmine Bi, who wants to know how do fairies use their magic? and how do fairies use their wings? We are going to tell you all about this soon on our own special website , where it will be so much easier for the fairies to communicate with you all. Perhaps you even already know the answer to this question, because magic is really all about believing. We use our magic to make the world a better place and make dreams come true.

Hi again, we have a very special message today  - for a very special girl called Susan
- thank you so much for writing, so sorry you haven't found us, it is hard for us some times to make contact with children, because we live in fairyland, which, as you know,  is such a long way away. But we  know that one day you will see us, and will also visit fairyland! Some times you can see real fairies when you are in a flower garden or  any beautiful place of nature, especially where there are waterfalls, or rainbows, and you can feel a special connection with us.  Sometimes you also can see us in your dreams. Hope this helps Bridget too, who wants to become a nature fairy, with brown hair and green dress, and to control nature!  perhaps you already are part-fairy! Soon we will tell you more about how to become one. There is also a tv channel that the fairies will soon be appearing on called Fairyland tv. And a Fairy newspaper will soon be online too, where you can find all the latest news about us.
Today we will cast a magic spell for you Susan, so you can find some new friends, and maybe you should also ask your parents for help too.

Hi to all our new friends.
  Here are some of your special requests. We will help you all as soon as we can!
Firstly Joanna thinks she has actually seen  a fairy near a stream! We saw you too!   You wanted to know if  there are any special fairies who can do impossible things?  Well, yes, Joanna, i think all fairies can do impossible things of course, because we are magic! Thank you for asking this important question! Has any one else seen us? Do tell us !

Some one has also just asked us if all fairies are small? The answer is no.... We come in all different shapes and sizes.

Latest news is that Elsa and Katelyn want winter fairies, Ricki  and Aislinn are looking for fire fairies,  Abbigale like pixies...and Anthony wants magic spring fairies with yellow, green, and white, Julian, Crystal, and Andrea also like pretty nature and meadow fairies. Simran wants rose fairies! And Mckenna wants Mermaid-fairies. Emily is just looking for nice ones , Alexis , Sadie,  Izabella, Maisha,  Alyssa, and Brianna like water fairies!
Sun Fairies are Ravens favourites.   And  Elibeth is looking for nice faries that control fire, and loves the color red. Mily likes fairies that help with shopping, craft, reading and having fun!

Clarisse wants a fairy that controls plants, and has sparkly green wings, has blonde hair, has green eyes, and has a wonderful glittery pink dress
. Shanayah would like a fairy thats nice, friendly, and pretty and always helping others, and Cashol would like a fairy that's kind and calm, a Beauty Fairy for Emily, Tinkerbell for Courtney and also for Light, and pretty fairies like Disney, for Sarah... and a message from us, just for Alison, we will be adding some games soon!

Here's some of our favourite messages from girls who are very imaginative, and may even be part-fairy theselves! Mia is looking for beautiful and very powerful fairies, with different powers indicating their color of highlights, dress, eyes, and special wings,  showing the powers that they have. We will try to find them for you, Mia! Hannah wants a  fairy that can make flowers grow and can make a rainy day into a sunny one with blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a purple dress with petite purple wings. How beautiful!  Sasori-no-Danna says winter red hair and snow water long hair! Anime123  is looking for a pretty long haired fairy and the color is multicolored and she has a short dress, blue eyes and golden highlights, Marley wants a kind ,cute, friendly, and talented water fairy!

More new messages from the fairies..
. And Yes, Kaitlyn - fairies  are real! We hope to show you soon on Fairyland tv, where you will be able to see us on our very own channel, and speak to us! Hi Ashanti - we are looking for a  cute,nice, animal fairy that loves horses, has curly brown hair and brown eyes, with pink wings, and a pretty blue outfit!

Erica..we are wondering where you saw the Water Fairy? You must be very special, since only special people can see real fairies! Merissa, we all love Mermaid Fairies too! For Haylee - sweet fairies - and Renna - good and peaceful fairies are out there too! Hi Genesis ! So you are looking for a fairy that has a great sense in style, who doesn't care what other people think! Most REAL fairies are like that! Yasmin - think that maybe you are a cute smart pretty  fairy, who loves her friends ?! And Kylie - I have met a fairy who is just like I think that you must become a fairy in your dreams...! Payton, there are lots of Princess Fairies too! And Lala, there are lots of kid fairies, perhaps you are one! We also need to find a Fairy kinda like a elf, but more magical for one of our new friends who wrote to us, a few days ago!

Crystal, you have such a wonderful imagination! You are certainly one of us! And, yes, there are very special  kinds of fairies that can have the power of the Olympian gods, like Zeus, Hades, Hera, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and so on,  and so forth.
Sarah, so many people want to become fairies, but only very special girls, like you, really can, so keep believing, and I'm sure that you will become a Fairy very soon! Breonna, We are so sorry that you are missing Pixie Hollow, and we are hoping you will continue to be a Water Talent, and come and chat and play with us at Fairyland tv , am sure you will be able to decorate a fairy house there too! from the Fairies

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